HOTTDADDY® #1 Travel Kit
HOTTDADDY® #1 Travel Kit
HOTTDADDY® #1 Travel Kit
Item#: hottdaddy-1-travel-kit

Product Description
HOTTDADDY® #1 Travel Kit includes:

Travel bag (free with purchase)

3 In 1 Cleanser, 2 oz ($20 Value)
HOTTDADDY® 3-in-1 Cleanser eliminates dirt and excess oils from hair and body without drying. Saw palmetto extract and aloe vera moisturize and protect your skin from the elements. Perfect for daily use.

Pre-Shave Skin Polish, 2 oz ($20 Value)
HOTTDADDY® Pre-Shave Skin Polish combines rice bran, walnut shell and bamboo with gentle cleansers to create a luxurious exfoliating foam scrub. Ginger root extract and ginseng provide balance and tone to the skin while geranium oil soothes and refreshes.

Soft Shave Cream, 2 oz ($25 Value)
HOTTDADDY® Soft Shave Cream is specially formulated with olive fruit oil, glycerin and oat beta-glucan to soften the beard and moisturize skin. The result is the smoothest, closest shave possible with minimal razor irritation.

Post Shave Gel, 2 oz ($40 Value)
HOTTDADDY® Post Shave Gel is crafted with fragrant herbal extracts including sage, coltsfoot, rosemary and balm mint to provide a cool and refreshing, naturally anti-bacterial remedy to ingrown hair and blemishes.

Daily Lotion, 2 oz ($40 Value)
HOTTDADDY® Daily Lotion is formulated specifically for men to moisturize dry, rough, or sensitive skin. Ultra-light and gentle, its triple hydroxy acids exfoliate while aloe vera hydrates, nourishing and restoring the complexion while improving overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Parfum, 5ml ($30 Value)
HOTTDADDY® No.1, our most popular men's fragrance, is rich with notes of sandalwood, sheer amber, lavender and orange blossom. The collectible pocket-sized roll-on bottle makes it convenient, long lasting and virtually waste-free.